Markaz-43 years young!

Kuwait Financial Center or "Markaz" was established this same day 43 years ago. I am not aware of many financial institutions in the GCC that traveled this long and yet remained young at heart. Imagine the number of market cycles, episodes, financial crisis, booms, and bust this institution would have dealt with in this journey.

In my 11 years of working here, I found that the key to success for this organization is the nimbleness and being receptive to new ideas, regardless of where it originates. In many matters (like corporate governance and compliance) Markaz was always ahead of times and was not waiting for regulatory nudge to set things up. The "human" side of Markaz is even more laudable. There is a family feel to it that is hard to miss.

Markaz is probably one of very rare companies in GCC that thinks beyond its remit of being an asset management company and acts more like a responsible corporate citizen deeply caring for the overall improvement of business ecosystem and GCC's standing in the world. No wonder, the visitors log at Markaz headquarters is an interesting list!

Wishing Markaz for many successful decades ahead!



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