Bollywood Investment Conference

And you thought Bollywood is just for fun and entertainment. Legendary Bollywood actors and actresses have words of wisdom that can help professional fund managers and investors alike. After all, investment is art as much as it is science. Hence, there is no shame in taking some cues from film artists!

The conference will focus on five important investment themes viz., Investment Strategy & Financial Planning, Stock Selection, Role of Advisors, Risk Management and Ethics. Present day celebrities, yesteryear stars, and even dead Bollywood legends will spring to life and deliver masterpieces from their movies to investors and fund managers.

Before the formal sessions begin, there will be a conference flag off. You guessed it right, an item number by Shah Rukh Khan and Bipasha Basu! No Bollywood event ever happens without a Shah Rukh Khan dance.

There will be no Q&A after the sessions since Bollywood actors can only play pre scripted roles, and cannot react to sudden questions.

Investment Strategy and Financial Planning

The opening session will be star-studded with 6 leading actors (living and dead!) sharing their views and ideas on investment strategy and financial planning.

Amjad Khan will kick start the session with his famous dialogue from Sholay “Only one man can save you from Gabbar’s anger; only one man…Gabbar himself”. He is politely asking you as an investor to take responsibility about your savings and be accountable. At the heart of any good strategy is its simplicity which Hrithik Roshan expounds through his Kaho Na Pyaar Hai dialogue “beauty lies within simplicity”.The podium will then be shared by the legendary Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar, who will explain to the audience the importance of portfolio diversification. Raj Kapoor’s Shree 420 lines “My shoes are Japanese, these pants are British, I have a Russian red hat on my head…but still my heart is India” will explain diversification even to a layman, while Dilip Kumar’s hard-hitting dialogue from Karma “To protect his cubs, a tiger does not need wild dogs” advises us to keep it simple, and protect one’s portfolio with a little bit of smart diversification.

Anil Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan will then dwell on the timing aspect of the investment strategy. In Jodha Akbar, HR says “There is a big difference between winning and ruling”. Winning is a short term gain, while ruling is a long term perseverance. Investment world will provide you with countless short term winning opportunities but the trick is to convert them to long term growth and stability. In other words, don’t be short term focussed. And Anil Kapoor is there to warn you about bad timing, just like he did in Masafir, where he said “Whether the policemen are real or fake…bloody, they always come late”. Farhan Akthar and Madhuri Dixsit will end the session with some sage advice. FA will motivate you to have conviction, like when he said in Luck by Chance “keep walking on your road, keep on walking… and slowly the whole world will come on your road”. So what if you make mistakes, are we not here to learn from it? These parting words will come from Madhuri Diksit, “Every sorrow is the beginning of a probable happiness…and every loss is an indicator of an upcoming profit” (Devdas). Life is a cycle; cut your losses, learn your lessons, and work towards your inevitable profit!

Stock Selection

The next session is lead by the don of all dons, Amitabh Bachan, who along with 5 others will give you some tips on stock selection. They will dwell on complicated concepts like valuation, volatility, behavioural finance, and even luck!

In deference to his stature, the senior Bachan will take the floor to extoll the virtue of saying no. “To make progress in this world…it is very important to say no”(Agneepath). This is especially true during bubbles when stock valuations reach dizzy levels. It is during times like this you should be able to say no. In stock selection there are some dos and don’ts. Govinda (Deewana Mastana) will encourage you to have patience, “This world is a bus stop and a girl is a bus. If you run behind it then you will miss it, but if you stay in the same place then another one will come from the front”. Jackie Shroff (Farz) will reinforce the importance of patience “The fun of hunting comes only when…the prey does not get captured quickly”. The don’ts will be driven home by Dharmendra (Yamla Pagla Deewana 2), where he will explain the behavioural finance concept of not getting emotional in your stock selection, “How many times have I told you…have fun, but don’t fall in love”. The junior Bachan (Abhishek) will take the discussion to a more technical level where he will emphasize on the contrarian theory (When people are talking against you…then you are making progress-Guru) and volatility (Every hurdle…is a chance to get to the destination-Sarkar Raj).

In case you thought stock selection is all about skill, Jackie Shroff is here to explain the role of luck as well “Sometimes luck comes before death”.(Farz)

The Role of Advisors

Bollywood actors are very much used to the concept of advisors, and hence can succinctly explain their importance while making investment decisions. This short session will be anchored by three people, led by Hrithik Roshan “I will never leave your hand…not today, not now, and not ever” (Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage). This is exactly what every financial advisor should swear to his clients! Dilip Kumar (Saudagar) will emphasize the point further “A right is not asked with head bowed down…but with the head held up”. As a client you have every right to question your advisor, until you are satisfied with the answer. And don’t be a Dharmendra from Sholay who said “we work only for money”. A financial advisor should never give such a feeling to his/her clients.

Risk Management

“To live life there are only two ways…one whatever is happening let it happen, keep tolerating it..or else take responsibility to change it” (Rang De Basanti). Aamir Khan will take the floor on risk management with this opening. While risk management is hard work, it eventually pays off. Jackie Shroff in Border did tell viewers “The more you sweat in peace…the less you bleed in war”. Prepare and position your portfolio from a risk perspective, so you bleed less during a financial crisis. And what is the consequence of ignoring risk management. “In trying to achieve a lot a human sometimes loses everything”. Govinda in Andolan is not talking about ponzy schemes!


From a grand start of 6 in the opening session, the last session will have only two doyens speaking about ethics, as most of the attendees eagerly await the close. “Rather than living under the roof of humiliation…it is better that a person lives without any roof, but with respect intact” (Khudgarz). Jeetendra is simply driving the point that ethics in investment world will ensure no humiliation at all times. Dev Anand (Johny Mera Naam) will give us the thumping end by screaming “I can sell the moon for you…but not my honesty”.

Closing Session

The conference will end with the screening of a yet to be and never to be released movie “Black money, Bollywood and Switzerland!”


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