Surprised! Just a thought to see on a population parameter what type of countries can Indian states swallow. India is the second largest populated nation in the world (1.2 billion) and is a compendium of 35 states and union territories. The stretch among them is vast with Uttar Pradesh being the largest with a population of nearly 194 million (equivalent to Brazil) while Lakshadweep being the smallest with a population of just 56,749 (equivalent to Greenland). Maharashtra with a population of 112 million can take Mexico inside it while West Bengal at 92 million can take Philippines. Gujarat can take in UK, no wonder the recent appeasement of UK to Narendra Modi!

Replacing Indian states with countries can also do wonders to the overall wellbeing of the country as measured by GDP and GDP per capita. While Indian GDP currently stands at $4.4 trillion, it will increase three times to nearly $14 trillion if replaced with all these countries. The GDP per capita will zoom nearly fourfold from $3,683 to $14,827!

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