A keen childhood passion. Presently I ride a Thunderbird 500 cc Roya Enfield bike. During the last five years, I made several long distance trips, both in groups and solo. Riding enables me to rediscover myself constantly!

I play mostly online chess in Chess.com. Keeps my brain cells active. Chess is more about avoiding making mistakes (and therefore not losing) than winning. Playing with real human beings at random provides the extra spice.

I am an avid music listener which also led me to learn classical Carnatic flute. It is a great example of how one should devote time to practice. Playing instrumental music is a great stress buster.

I take every opportunity to travel to hinterlands of India mostly through family holidays but also through riding. It is said that you learn more in life when you travel, interact with people, eat local food and experience the culture.

Fortunately my day job is research which forces me to read a lot. Also, I constantly look for good books to read. I usually go by recommendations and read mostly non-fiction where I can apply what I read and learn.