Oil Price may not be the trigger for reforms

This article was originally published in Al Qabas. Analyzing the historical trend of reforms in Kuwait, one can notice that financial services sector is the most regulated and therefore have experienced more reforms while sectors like healthcare and legal saw the least number of reforms. For a balanced and sustained economic growth, an even distribution of reforms across all critical sectors is a must. A popular coffee table discussion in Kuwait is to ask “when will serious reforms come to Kuwait?” and the answer invariably is “When oil price crash to $10”. We all know how dependent Kuwait economy is to oil price and hence this strong view that reforms will fast track once oil price experien

Star Gazing into 2019-Outlook for India

This Article was originally published in The Global Analyst “2019 Outlook: Odds are in favor of equities”-Morgan Stanley “Tightening of global financial conditions pose downside risks”- Credit Suisse This is the time of the year that we ask this usual but tricky question. What’s the outlook for the market? Sometimes, I think the market adapts to the outlook due to the sheer weight of views (on a lighter note though!). The usual way of tackling the issue is to look at the fundamentals and that’s what I am proposing to do. However, star gazing 2019 can turn more tricky due to election factor. India will go for a nation wide election early 2019 and the course of that will tremendously influence

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