Indian IPO’s - How to mine them?

This Article was originally published in Market Express I always wondered how effective it is to invest in an IPO. It is true that all major rock star companies today (the Nifty 50 biggies) were once an IPO making modest entry in the investment world. We have also heard many stories of block buster returns on IPO’s and how the investments have turned into multi bagger over time thanks to a series of bonus, rights, dividends, etc. However, the IPO world is not easy to navigate as for every rock star there are many more fallen angels. While it is a challenge to evaluate the issue and take a decision to invest, it is also a game of “lottery” where probability plays a huge role in getting some r

Equity Investment Styles - Why It Matters

This Article was originally published in The Global Analyst “There are many roads to Nirvana!” When we talk about equity markets, we are always reminded of investment stars like Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Seth Klarman, George Soros, etc. Investment professionals and critics watch carefully how these legendary investors invest and sometimes try to replicate their styles albeit with only limited success. While we all know that equity investing is the best bet to beat inflation in the long-term, there are many ways to get there. The multitude of ways are what is generally described as investment styles. They are structured based on their characteristics and have been rigorously

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