4 Key Investment Questions

This article was originally published in Market Express “One of my friends suggested that I invest in Asian Paints now since the market expectation is that it is likely to announce good results, and historically it has done so well. However, he told me that if I have to make money in the stock market, I should be invested for the long-term” Such conversations can sound very familiar and we may even act on the advice since it sounds very logical. But here are the problems with that statement: There is an advice to time our investment (market timing) There is an advice to invest in a stock because it has done well in the past (past performance) There is an advice to invest for long-term withou

Financial Risk Management – Challenges before Businesses

This article was originally published in The Global Analyst-November 2017 issue. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it-George Santayana.. There is not one year that passes by without any crisis. Some are big and tectonic in nature (like the Global financial crisis in 2008) while others have a limited but powerful impact like Asian Financial crisis. When macro crisis hits the economy, it is natural that companies risk management systems are tested to the core. However, a company’s risk management architecture can also be tested without a macro crisis background. This can be simply due to weak risk management systems and processes in the company. History is replete with

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