Indian Rupee ( INR ) – Three questions ?

This Article was Published in Market Express and Indians in Kuwait The Indian Rupee (INR) is surprisingly strong proving many analysts wrong. In a world where emerging market currencies experience decline, the INR has been appreciating steadily. From a low of Rs.68.77/USD in Feb 2016, the INR value is now Rs.64.54/USD. In 2017 alone so far, the INR has appreciated by 5%. Three questions emerge in this context: 1. Why is INR so strong? 2. What is the outlook (medium term and long term)? & 3. What should NRI’s do? Why is INR so strong? In my view, there are 4 reasons why INR is so strong. Firstly the Modi factor. A lot of things seem to be just going right for him so far. His go

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