Nifty Top 10, How will it look like in 2025?

This Article was Published in Market Express Though the Nifty index comprises 50 stocks, the top 10 enjoys a lion’s share. In 2005, the top 10 constituted nearly 60% of the index (in terms of market capitalization) while in 2015 it comprised 48%. Obviously the performance of Nifty itself will be impacted by who is on this coveted top 10 list and funds flow from institutions (both domestic and foreign) that track this index will also be skewed towards these top 10 companies. Hence, the curiosity to study this in greater detail and try and figure out how this top 10 list will look like say in 2025! Also, a look from 1996 to 2015 for Nifty 50 shows that more than 115 companies have been part of


This article was originally written for CFA Institute and was published in various newspapers including Gulf News and Arab Times The GCC is witnessing a period of rapid transformation as oil prices, which were once at a cushy $100 per barrel, has fallen below $50 over the past 18 months. The stable oil prices between 2012 and 2014 enabled GCC to earn more than $3 trillion in export revenues. Thanks to that, GCC governments are now sitting on strong cash reserves. However, that is only a short-term comfort. Given the extremely high dependence on oil revenues of GCC governments and their lack of economic diversification, the depletion rate of those precious reserves has been highlighted as a m

Don't miss the trees for the woods

Let us accept it. The topic of oil price discussion has come to a tiring point now. Every other debate or discussion is around oil price predictions, outlook for oil price and predicting the future of GCC oil economies. Three questions predominate the narrative: Is the current fall in oil price cyclical or structural? When can we see a strong rebound? (2016 or 2017 or beyond) & Can GCC survive a long spell of low oil price? In fact, the second question is related to the first question. If the current fall in oil price is structural, then we cannot expect any strong rebound. So, may be implicitly we should pray that this is just a cyclical phenomenon. From a mean reversion perspective, a peri

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