All Time High’s: Sensex Stocks

2015 is nearly over and hence time for introspection. Sensex is down 6% for 2015. However, what can be of interest is that it is down 13% from its All Time High (ATH) which was 29,681 achieved on 29th January 2015. ATH is simply defined as the historic high for a stock or index. Meaningful markets and stocks consistently establish new ATH’s reflecting growth and opportunities. While stagnant markets/companies may struggle to re-conquer their ATH’s and can thus test investor patience (Japan for eg). For Sensex, let us first focus on the bad news. Here is a list of 7 stocks that had their ATH’s way long back: Wipro, the IT giant, achieved its historic high some 16 years back and is down 34% si

The connect between Market leadership and Wealth creation

Does it pay to invest in companies that enjoy high market share? How to measure the effect of market share? In the online media communications industry, Google has a market share of 40%. Tencent Holdings has a market share of only 7%. Both have created extraordinary wealth to their shareholders. Google stock returned 20% annualized and Tencent 31% annualized during the last five years. Wal-Mart enjoys an astonishing market share of 57%, but returned only 4% annualized in terms of its stock performance, while Costco with a market share of less than one-third that (18%) has provided 18% annualized return. So, does it pay to invest in a market leader? The top 15 market leaders, in general, seem

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