10 Jargons You Cannot Do Away With!

This article was published in Market Express Context: The other day we had a meeting with an economist from a leading investment bank. The meeting room was full with senior management people. He explained why global economy is going through a paradigm shiftthough with a goldilocks situation. He argued that US pension problem is acute due to baby boomers and can be punctuated by the “new normal” economy that will lead us to a low-return world. His back of envelop calculation shows that it will be difficult to generate inflation in US and therefore he is cautiously optimistic about the whole thing. He said that Obama and Janet Yellen should come up with some out of box thinking to wriggle out

Four Insights To Reduce GCC Remittances

This Article was published in Arab Times, Al Qabas, Khaleej Times, Arab News, Financial Express, All Pinoy News, Daily Star, The Peninsula, The Sen Live, Gulf News, Egypt Independent, AME Info, Economic Times, Gulf News During 2014, GCC countries experienced an outflow of over $100 billion in the form of remittances from expatriates that work in the region. The amount is an estimated 6.2% of GDP, a significant cost compared to the United States (0.7% of GDP) or the United Kingdom (0.8% of GDP). The figure was roughly $50 billion in 2010, implying steady and strong growth in remittances. There are several factors that contribute to this remittance pattern, as described below: Home Bias: The m

India's Remittance –Change it to FDI

India tops the league table when measured in terms of net inflow of remittance even outsmarting China though India’s diaspora is only half that of China. As per IMF data, India received a net flow of nearly $63 billion in 2014 while China received $61 billion. India’s net flow accounts for 3.1% of its GDP while for China it is 0.6%. How come India enjoys such a large diaspora strength and have they done enough to smart that crowd in terms of a better engagement model? The 24 million diaspora population is mostly concentrated in Asia (11m), Americas (5 m), Middle East (4.2), Africa (2.8m), Europe (1.8m) and Oceania (1 m) in that order. Together they remit $63 billion with contributions from M

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