Confronting Job Loss after 50

The world has become a shaky place – thanks to 2008 global financial crisis. Though the origin of the crisis is the USA, the collateral damage is still being felt all over the world leading to slower growth, lower investment, higher inflation (in emerging markets), and higher unemployment. Hence, despite no fault of one, we may simply lose our job. However such job losses can be easily coped with if we are in the mid-twenties or thirties. The simple reasoning is organization structure is a pyramid with more people employed in the bottom than the top. Therefore there are more opportunities at the junior and middle level than the senior level. Hence, job loss becomes extremely difficult to co

Modernising GCC Capital Markets: 5 Important Steps

While GCC enjoys high standard of living and richness, it is still behind the curve when it comes to its capital markets. The definition of capital markets predominantly means equity markets primarily due to the lesser role played by the debt market. Notwithstanding, there is an immediate need to modernize the GCC capital markets in a way that it can deliver its true function i.e., efficient capital allocation. While there are myriad factors that can contribute to this modernization efforts, here are the five most important things: Integrate the Markets: GCC stock markets, like GCC states, are not a homogenous group. With Saudi Arabia’s market cap pegged at over $570 billion and that of Oman

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