The Stars, Dogs and The Darlings

Stock selection has always been difficult and that’s what fund managers are paid for, but how well have they stood up to this challenge? In the context of the Indian stock market, the game of stock selection can be understood by looking at fund holdings that have managed the best ratings. We have adopted ratings and have zeroed in on funds that enjoy five star ratings. There were 16 funds spread across large cap, mid cap and small cap universe, and the total number of stocks, adjusting for overlaps, narrowed down to 285. It’s surprising to note that the Indian stock market boasts of listings of more than 7000 stocks, but still the universe of what has finally

Bollywood Investment Conference

And you thought Bollywood is just for fun and entertainment. Legendary Bollywood actors and actresses have words of wisdom that can help professional fund managers and investors alike. After all, investment is art as much as it is science. Hence, there is no shame in taking some cues from film artists! The conference will focus on five important investment themes viz., Investment Strategy & Financial Planning, Stock Selection, Role of Advisors, Risk Management and Ethics. Present day celebrities, yesteryear stars, and even dead Bollywood legends will spring to life and deliver masterpieces from their movies to investors and fund managers. Before the formal sessions begin, there will be a con

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