Make in India- More than just a slogan

This article was published in 1,060,000,000 That’s how many results you get when you search for the term “Make in India” in Google! That’s more than Lingaa (About 4,520,000 results), the recent Rajnikanth starrer!. After years or decades of mis-governance or no governance, India is now in a difficult position to make up for the lost decades. The new Modi government is now tasked with creating the right atmosphere that can bring the most important thing back to India i.e., CONFIDENCE! This is what is currently lacking among investors, public and other affected parties. The global turn of events is not making that task easier. One of the key tools to bring that confidence b


This Article was published in Arab Times, Akhbar Al Khaleej, Gulf News, Alqabas The year 2014 will count to be a momentous year for the GCC region. The year witnessed both a strong rally in the stock markets during the first five months followed by bloodbath during Q4 2014, thanks to oil price swings and its pass through effect. As we enter 2015, there is lot of panic, trepidation and uncertainty. What this means for investing? In panic, it is always possible to miss the big picture. And the big picture is quite strong. Years of strong oil price has enabled GCC economies to increase spending and build reserves. Saudi Arabia, being the largest, can serve as a proxy to study. Contextually, it

The Power of Net working

It’s not just for marketing people to be well networked. It applies to every profession, in every community. Networking implies enabling active interaction among people that you can connect in order to receive and provide knowledge. It is important because it can make a huge difference to your career, will enable you to come in contact with people that you can appreciate, can build very crucial bridges in your life and it can make a world of difference when things challenge you on many fronts. However, there are many road blocks to effective networking. The question is how to overcome them and effectively network? The first rule is ‘Overcome hesitation’ – Many a times, we are very hesitant t

How much Apple is making on iPad/iPhone?-Wake up China!

Steve Jobs once said "iPhone jobs won’t be coming back to America not because of cheap labour, but because Asian factories produce fast, really FAST, and at a much LARGER scale and FLEXIBILITY.” Is it? Recently I read up an article titled “Capturing value in global networks”. When Apple used to sell the basic version of iPhone for $200 nearly $116 of that goes to Apple alone. Supply chain management is a long and arduous process with players being involved from across the globe. But with China emerging as a low-cost destination for much of the American producers, I was imagining that a reasonable shift in value chain was happening in favor of China to a large extent and India to a lesser ext

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