Global Aviation: The Hare’s and the lone Tortoise!

Sometimes, figures speak more than the words. Recently I perused with interest the global aviation traffic (top 50) which revealed several insights about the gap some emerging countries like India faces in the global aviation traffic market place. The top 50 airports in the world shared by 23 countries ferried 2.3 billion passengers accounting for 50% of the global population during 2013. USA leads the pack in terms of total passenger traffic nearly thrice the size of its population and boast of the largest network of airports to support this traffic density. Nearly 814 million people travel every year through 17 airport network within USA with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airpor


Surprised! Just a thought to see on a population parameter what type of countries can Indian states swallow. India is the second largest populated nation in the world (1.2 billion) and is a compendium of 35 states and union territories. The stretch among them is vast with Uttar Pradesh being the largest with a population of nearly 194 million (equivalent to Brazil) while Lakshadweep being the smallest with a population of just 56,749 (equivalent to Greenland). Maharashtra with a population of 112 million can take Mexico inside it while West Bengal at 92 million can take Philippines. Gujarat can take in UK, no wonder the recent appeasement of UK to Narendra Modi! Replacing Indian states with

Corporate Lessons from a Comedian!

Sometimes comedians can make serious sense! The other day I was watching an interviewwith Vadivelu by Divyadarshini (popularly known as DD) in the famous Koffee with DD show in Star Vijay. Vadivelu is a legendry comedian in Tamil movie industry and is an institution by himself for the space he has carved out with audience through his unique wit and humour. While the intention was to get entertained by Vadivelu through his humorous response, I was suddenly stuck by something that he said in the middle. When queried on what are the three things that he learnt in his 25 years of acting in Kollywood (Tamil film industry), he responded as follows: I learnt my acting while in the industry Never tr

Having the cake and eating it too!

Is it possible that a stock investment makes sense both from a capital gain point of view as well as dividend point of view. Unlikely, since it is like pulling a rope from two different directions. As company’s share price increases (resulting in capital gains), its dividend yield (defined as dividends/stock price) falls for the simple reason that as the denominator in the equation (stock price) increases, the yield decreases. A perusal of top stocks (in the table) clearly shows that if they are high on capital gains, they are definitely low on dividend yield. Having said that, we can identify companies that have done well not only from a capital appreciation point of view but also from a di

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