Geo Political Risk session of the Euromoney Kuwait Conference, 2014-Audio Transcript

Audio Transcript of the Geo Political Risk session of the Euromoney Kuwait Conference, 2014 Moderator: Richard Banks, Euromoney Speakers: M.R. Raghu, Head of Research, Markaz; Thomas McManus, Managing Director, Lazard Asset Management Richard Banks (Euromoney): I am joined by two distinguished speakers their biographies are in your work book. Richard: Tom is from Lazard investment management who has a very good global view on the markets and impacts of geopolitical risk on the market. Raghu is head of research at Markaz aka Kuwait financial center a man who is based in and has a extensive experience of this part of the world. so both market professionals interacting with investors on a daily

The Network of Embassies

In this globalized world, ability to lobby and influence is all too important. No, I am not talking about individuals. Rather the context is national. A simple metric to assess the efficacy of international relations is the number of embassies that a country has overseas. This is not a straightforward exercise. This website provides country wise embassy listing from where a massive data compilation work ensued. Here is the result: PS: It must be mentioned that we have not considered all countries for this analysis due to lack of data on small countries. The world can be grouped in several categories and G-7 emerged as the most powerful when viewed from international relations point of view.

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